domenica 1 febbraio 2009

Boat in the storm

Some info about aone of the activity in the activity pack. This is called boat in the storm, I took the timimg while we were doing it because one of my doubt is how long roughly take to set up it.

Consider that thye build was done by an almost 7 years old, used to build with Lego, and without help for the brick part and only little help for the "programming" (just what window open and how to drag an drop to copy the proposed program".

So not pretending to be scientific the below are the result:

Video of the introduction and brick building 30 minutes

programming:10 minutes

playing: as much as you want !! (this is really important is long enough for the children to enjoy it)

disassembling and stowing in the box: 6 minutes (this I believe very critical to be taken into accout)

The result in the video below

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