venerdì 6 febbraio 2009

Programming info for WeDo

I received some comments from another WeDo user about the information on programming.

I have both the Sw and the activity pack, the pack includes also the "teacher guide".

This guide actually has informations about the programming "language", example and general info on the enviroment, where are the icons and what they do. This part (and not the activities), I would have expected to find them with the SW only CD. Having the SW but not these info i believe is making fairly complicated to start using the system.

Clearly the product is not designed for family but for schools and thus is probably expected that the activity pack is bought anyaway, but this doesn't change the fact is a strange commercial choiche.

If someone has more info, like we have missed something in the SW Cd comments will be welcome!!

A question withou the activity pack installed what is shown in the "brick" tab here on the right?

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  1. The brick is for me a symbol of contrustion, and here it contains two areas, the 'gear' area is the getting started, quick little introduction of programming elements, building examples that gives good mechanical understanding - and it also contains tips and tricks to the software.

    The mini-fig head, is where you will find the activities if you buy and install it.

  2. Thanks,

    Yes I have the activity pack.
    Amd actually something strange happened, I installed (on windows Vista) the SW and the activity pack the minifig head was active. then after some day of using suddely become inactive and I have to access to teh activity externally (not tried to re-intsall) i do not know if is a known bug.

    By the way Lego has a bug reporting system open to the users?




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